Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hey Avs! Bring Back the Best!

If you thought that I was going to ask for you to sign the great Peter Forsberg you are wrong.

Paging Greg Mauldin. Paging Mr. Greg Mauldin. Lake Erie Monsters, please pick up the phone.

OK. Enough is enough. Time to bring back Mauldin back. Seems like the Avs started their slide about the same time that Greg ended up back in Ohio. Let's not let this get out of hand now. I've even created some new nicknames for his return.

Scaldin' Mauldin. No likee?
The Flying Mauler. No?
Smokin' Pall Maul. Makes smoking glamorous?

Just bring back Greg alright! I'll work on the nickname.

1 comment:

TroutDog said...

I was just thinking to myself while watch the Avs get their asses kicked by the Bruins in a luxury suite Saturday afternoon, where the hell is Mauldin? His demotion back to the Monsters was very uncerimonious. Our PK has looked dreadful since he's been gone. Bring him back indeed....and those nicknames are all fine with me.

Wouldn't be oppossed to have Peter the Great back either...and maybe anyone who can play defense or goalie.