Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nuggets, Take Me Away (from the depressing shit that is the final minutes of an Avs game)

Ahhh. The healing relief that can be found in a Nuggets/T'Wolves game. So comforting. I think I might even have some candles burning softly in this freaking bubble bath shit up in here. So relaxing.

Very unlike the harsh comedown of last minute Avs choke-jobs. That's more like a prison shower.

J.R.'s spinning alley-oop dunk with about 5 minutes left was quite awesome. Should be on some sort of George Michael Sports Machine highlight reel I'd think.


TroutDog said...

I hope KMart gets well....and that dunk was mighty awesome. Sports Machine material for sure!

Tonite the Avs rebound....put it in the books.....

DeathTruck said...

I woulda thought the sports machine woulda been obsolete by now with the all fo the interwebs and's.

The dunk was 'Joe Buck Sick' as the kids say.

Sonic Tooth said...

You are correct. George Michael is in fact, is the Machine.