Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hello Huskers

Why yes, I will bask in another Buffs victory over the Cornhuskers. Face Nebraska!.... again. A pretty dominating game despite a mid-game lull. An unexpected good game by Casey Crawford, who I am usually a bit critical of (but probably not at the same level as a Danny Ardoin). The dude was pretty money today though. Probably the biggest part of the win tonight is the end of that stupid Big 12 road losing streak. Nice to know that shit ain't carrying over to 2011.

One other note: After watching the game pretty much in its entirety, I can officially say that I'm sick of hearing the yammering of former NU Defensive Coordinator Charlie McBride (1989-1999?). The pud gets like 2 commercials per TV break to talk about how great Nebraska (and more specifically Nebraska football) is. I'll den the Lincoln Fox Sports feed.

Bring on the Dance!!!!
(the NIT dance)

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TroutDog said...

Fitting that the road losing streak comes in the land of the corn. Face indeed. I didn't see that game, but heard the announcement on the radio as I was bouncing back and forth between Home Depot and Lowe's hell. The battle was fierce not over which store provides better prices and selection, but over which store played shittier music. I give the nod to Lowe's, after Home Depot graced customers with Rock Me Chaka Khan on my return visit. Pretty nice little Tuesday night, actually.