Friday, December 18, 2009

Zeke in Town

Thomas in more successful days

Caught a hot tip that the Greatest PG-Never-to-Play-on-a-Dream-Team paid a visit to the Queen City of the Plains to "coach" his Florida International University ("Miami's public research university") Panthers in a basketball contest versus your Denver University Pioneers. Sounds like the Pios pulled out a low-scoring victory while Isiah made sure that he looked good in his suit. Aside from last night's Pio win, Denver sports fans can also thank Thomas for bringing Nugget reserve Renaldo Balkman into the Association - who, BTW, is averaging 8 MPG (that's minutes/game, not his carbon footprint). As the Knick GM, perhaps Thomas thought he was making a deft choice by drafting Rolando Blackman when he chose Balkman. In any event, it's fun to see Thomas and reminisce about the glory days of the NBA - back when one might find "Jump" on a warm-up tape. (Oh, and this former Evergreen banger will be in that Bouldeh and Denver next week for the Holidays. Give a shout if you want to get rowdy.)

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I just got back from Red Lobster.