Sunday, November 22, 2009

What the Hell is Going on With Our Season?

Let me list a few problems in this latest loss. Starting with the offense...

1) Two fumbles in the red zone.

2) Crappy QB play from Simms. A gimpy Orton did better, but after taking a cheap shot to the ankle from Merriman and forced to throw pretty much every down in the second half, Neckbeard didn't make any big plays.

3) 3 Points....

On defense:

1) Wasn't able to put pressure on Rios

2) Couldn't consistently stop the run.

3) No forced turnovers.

Special teams:

1) Momentum killing failed onside kick. (Appeared like it could have worked, but really?)

2) 15 yard penalties after every FG by SD ensuring bad field position.

The AFC West appears lost. Wild card chances slipping away. The season-ending record might be more in line with what seemed realistic prior to the season after all....


Riggins said...

"They are who we thought they were!" All things considered, coming into this season with low expectations, I will take 6-4 with the G-men coming to town on Thanksgiving night. Did I mention Riggins will be in the house???
If we can somehow get this win I like our chances of going 10-6 and being in the mix. By the way, props to the Chiefs for helping the cause.

Riggins said...

Momentum is a huge thing and Kno-No straight up killed it! And then B-Marsh put him in his place, props to him. Can't remember the last time our D created a turnover!!!

Young Bear said...

For what its worth.
There are only 4 afc teams with better records and we've beaten 3 of 'em,
Knowshawn scores that TD.and/ or Barret catches that onside that went right thru his hands, then the game is TOTALLY different.
Cosign w Riggo on record, place right now.

TroutDog said...

I can only remember one turnover we've created during the last four games: the Big Ben fumble for a TD. I seem to be able to remember loads of fumbles from our offense though.

We need this one Thurs....

Sonic Tooth said...

Thanksgiving game looms large.
At home.