Sunday, November 15, 2009

Quarterback Controversy On Hold

A lot of people got their wish today when Chris Simms got to play QB for the entire second half (I'm looking at you Woody Paige), while Neckbeard sat on the sidelines nursing an injured ankle. Let's just say the Broncos don't have a QB controversy in the wake of Simms' 3-13, 13 yards, 1 INT, 0 TD performance. 3rd straight week where the Broncos lay down in the 2nd half and lose as a result. Special teams continue to be a joke, as the Redskins convert a 4th and 20 fake field goal for a TD (really, did that happen?) and Mitch Berger continues to raise eyebrows over how he's actually pulling an NFL check. I gotta say I had a bad feeling about this game going in, although it seemed to be well in hand before the special teams meltdown and Neckbeard coming up gimpy. Let's hope he's back next week, or it could be a long day in what will be the biggest game of the season at home vs the Chargers.


Sonic Tooth said...

Don't think you'll hear any "Put in Simms" declarations from me any time soon.
Probably would have won that game if Orton was still in. (and we could force a goddam turnover, and we aren't fooled by stupid trick fake field goals.)
Pretty depressing day of football.

TroutDog said...

Forgot to mention the lack of turnovers. I think that puts us at 1 or maybe 2 over the 3-game losing streak. A dreadful day of the NFL indeed, minus the Pack's dismantiling of the 'Boys. Oh, and my picks sucked.

DeathTruck said...

My picks sucked even worse.

So you're not into the Berger net 14 yard punts?

TroutDog said...

Almost a coffin corner. He did have one good punt that went about 25 yards and then rolled about 30.