Sunday, August 16, 2009

Not the most promising start, Kyle....

I haven't lost faith in the ol' neckbeard....but a dicey preseason game nonetheless. Nice to see Simms Jr. can sling though.
I reveled in Cuntler's own struggles in his first game with Da Bears.
For sure.

The season will most certainly be an interesting one.

Sidenote: love the Niners reverting to the more "classic" looking unis. My 10 years in the bay area has left an NFC team rooting residue.
That said, I'll leave that late 2006 Cutler-era Broncos defeat at the hands of the 49ers that knocked the B'cos out of the playoffs off any Niners rooting resumes.
Plummer would have won that game, but he was on the sidelines wishing he was in Idaho snapping tubes, drinking a few brews, and fishing (after some grueling handball contests). Whatever.


DeathTruck said...

Jeez Burt what is this?

TroutDog said...

It's called a Fireball.....glad I was in the woods not watching the game and chose not to listen to it with the anti-no-Culter Bronco fan C-Bass.

Sonic Tooth said...

Our house is burning down.
Our house is burning down.