Saturday, August 1, 2009

MLS...Dicks...Rapids...Douchebags...and (vaguely warm) Budweiser products offered on a bus.

Lad's Night Out!!!

ahh. shotgunning beers.
pre-Rapids game, YB and DT are doing it like they are Alpha Betas.

Rapids not able to put a goal on the board tonight unfortunately. 1-0 loss.

Shit, I'm a baseball fan.....what am I doing posting something about soccer?
Not sure...but the facility is top notch and a damn fun joint to hang out at. I'll be back.

Rapids need to step it up. Contact me for any Rockies/Rapids griping parallels. Choking crosses all boundries, and has an open door policy.

Ira biding his time in the background.


TroutDog said...

Is that the Fiji house representing?

DeathTruck said...

Kappa Sig gonna put a serious beat down on those Fiji pussies.

Sonic Tooth said...

As you know we have no chapter at Adams College, which is why we agreed to see you.
But I must tell you gentlemen, you have very little chance of becoming Tri-Lambdas.
I'm in a very difficult situation here.
I mean, after're nerds.