Sunday, December 12, 2010

Yo Coach, Now Might Be a Good Time To Put In Tebow.....

Not sure what to expect if it happened, but at this point, why not. If there wasn't already a legion of fans out there clamoring for God Boy, getting rolled by a shit-ass NFC West team (the B'cos are a combined 1-3 against that illustrious division, for those scoring at home) while Neck Beard has an even worse game than last week's stinker (the hell happened to him?) will certainly increase the volume. And while I don't like further cementing the recent culture of losing, the way the NFL is these days for those teams outside of the elite (which is every team other than the Pats, Steelers, Ravens (maybe?), and New Orleans (probably) - definitely not the Bears) you might as well roll the dice with the rookie QB and see what he has. Worst case scenario is that he proves he's not an NFL QB and the team gets a higher draft pick. Best case is that he shows he's a player and you have something positive to look to next year (and will still have a good pick). By the way, that was one of the most boring football games I've ever kind of watched. Studesville doesn't appear to be the answer.....


Sonic Tooth said...

Ugh. It was a hellish game to endure. Orton's worst game as a Bronco? Even an arguable point?

I agree on the Tebow front actually, if there was ever a time to cut the religious rook loose, this appeared to be the game. Hell, I would have gotten a giggle out of some Brady Quinn action. At least the certain impending ineptitude would have been excusable, unlike Orton's flaming sack of shit.
Not all Kyle's fault for sure, I texted something close to the following during the game to TD "fire everyone on the team besides Champ and the punter". Considering the state of matters, I actually feel sort of lucky that Bailey is playing for the Broncos. I'm sure they'll bungle keeping him around with some "he's lost a step or two" hardball and he'll go play for a championship somewhere else. Good for Champ if that happens...he deserves a ring.

I guess when you can't find a way to beat a team on a similarly lousy trajectory as your own (7 straight losses!), that happens to be playing a late-round non-starter (career backup or practice squad) rookie at QB you've got some problems.

I strongly dislike the Broncos D-line. Have some issues with the other side of the ball's line as well, Clady is one dude - nothing more. It starts up front and the Broncos have looked like shit for the most part all year.

Turnovers were a joke today. I could rant and rant and rant.

Syd'Quan's dreads will never elevate this team on their own, can't blame a batch of dreads for trying though. I have actually liked him in recent weeks...took a shitty personal foul penalty today but the entire team is a fucking personal foul right now to me.

One last info-gem to attach to this game. Biggest margin of victory for a Cardinal's team since 1993. That's a long time ago. Broncos suck.

TroutDog said...

It's time for those angry video game characters to re-emerge.

TroutDog said...

And that AZ victory margin stat is horrifying. Can barely wait to see how we fare in Oakland.

Sonic Tooth said...

Pre-Broncos Beurlein engineered the 1993 victory in question for the Cards I think. Or maybe Tom Tupa.

Heavy Snack said...

Was John "Skeletor" Skelton suited up for the Broncos?! Or maybe it was the ghost of Plummer past playing for the Cards. I don't know, but WOW that was complete shit. I'm still trying to figure out why I watched that ENTIRE game. I think I was waiting to see if they were going to give Tebow some run, but I'm not quite sure that was it. Would have been nice so at least I'd have some excuse as to why I watched what seemed to be one of the longest (and shittiest) NFL games ever. I'm really not sure what else I was looking forward to after about midway through the second quarter when it was apparent that our shitty uniforms had poisoned our team's play again. Going back to the spoiled fan thing - I feel like I need to prove some sort of Broncos fandom and watch them as if they were "winners" even when they suck. Hopefully there will not be a recurring test of my Broncos fidelity for years to come.

I have moved past the point of getting pissed and to the point of acceptance which is not a good feeling. Well I guess there is still one thing that pisses me off - our expansion uniforms with the fucking oversized down syndrome horse on the helmet.

Wish we had someone with a name like Skeletor on our team so at least we could make some badass shirts or something.

Can we please sign Cargo already so I can stop thinking about this crap? Thanks in advance Charlie.

TroutDog said...

Agreed up and down HS.....holding our breath for a Cargo contract extension seems risky. Suddenly the Monfarts are the best owners in Denver. On that note, I really hope Bowlen doesn't blow it on Champ, although I'm not optimistic.....the least he can do is implement a jersey makeover (or more preferrably, a jersey throwback). Think of all of the new Tebow jersey sales with a jersey change.....take that money and pay Champ!

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