Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fleischmann, cold lampin'

...with flavor, no less. Stone Cold Lampin'.
Pretty impressive hat-trick from the new Av. I am a fan of Hannan, but the points and goals scored by Tomas since coming over in that trade have been huge.
Avs have won 4 in a row, 2 in a row against the defending Cup champs, and now head home for a 5 game home-stand. The time at Pepsi could be huge...
Sort of love the animosity that the back to back games generate, if tonight is any produces very inspired, yet chippy play.
On that front, hope Stastny is OK. He received a rather awkward cross-check that sent him into the boards head first with a fairly major head of steam. Looked uncomfortable. The Avs have enough injuries already, don't need the surging center out with the rest.

Mauldin? He got himself a goal too.
Anderson? His 5-hole is looking hella soft, don't take that the wrong way, but damn, those pucks just dribble through there. He did face a shit-ton of shots, but you've got to fear those times when letting the "easy" ones through will come back to haunt the Avs when they aren't able to score 4+ a game.


TroutDog said...

Unfortunately, I did not see the second half of the game, but appreciated the ST and YB texts. Awesome to back up that crazy Monday night game with a road win against the defending champs.

Agreed that Flieschey is making the departure of Hannan much palatable. Also love the back to back games. If the Avs continue to play the way they have in the last week, we will be seeing much more of that come spring.

And what can you say about My Main Man Mauldin?

Young Bear said...

Yeah, I believe the MHSV needs to better appreciate "The Quad-M"

Riggins said...

It is appearing that the Avs performance may warrant a 2nd half Center Ice package in the Riggins household. A nice homestand, solidified with a Red Wing beatdown before my own eyes would most likely finalize that little personal Xmas gift!

Sonic Tooth said...

Riggins, I think that is a way better gift than a Lexus with an unwieldy bow on it. Fuck those Lexus commercials. I hate 'em.

everyone must have greater appreciation for "The Quad-M"

Young Bear said...

I had this Lexus/big bow commercial thought the other day....
Where is the one where the receiver gets all pissed and yells at his/her spouse for overextending their budget and bank account by buying a luxury car for Christmas during a recession.

"What the hell, we can't afford this now!?!"

Now, that's a season to remember!

Riggins said...

Where do you find that big of a bow or a living room to put a Lexus in? I hate them too.