Sunday, September 12, 2010

Somebody Might Want to Block This Guy

Bummer of an opening game for the B'cos. Definitely looked like a winnable game, but the B'cos made too many mistakes against a Jagoffs team that made enough plays and had no turnovers (wow, how is that for cliche analysis?). There were some positive signs, but several things are concerning if they continue over the next few games.

1) Offensive line looks vulnerable. The youth of the line showed and Orton seemed to be under heavy pressure every pass play. The Jags barely had any sacks all of last season and had 3 midway through today's game.

2) Run defense wasn't impressive. Even when they had to know the run was coming, the Jags consistently busted pretty sizable runs for a good stretch of the game.

3) Special teams coverage continues to suck. Why is that the B'cos haven't been able to cover a kickoff or a punt for what seems like a decade?

4) Cutler actually won today (although the Bears got pretty damn lucky). How does one rack up almost 400 yards passing, have great field position all game, and only manage to score 19 points (7 points on a 90-yard screen pass) at home against the Lions?

Will be curious to see how the Broncs play next week at home against Seattle (a classic AFC West showdown). Should and needs to be a victory, or it could be a very long season.


Young Bear said...

Yea, some bad penalties (first drive one was a killer in the big picture), inconsistent offensive line play and a general lack of pass defense made for a frustrating final outcome. I liked Knowshawn's burst and energy (looseness?) after his disappointingly robotic rookie year. I still think #27 could be a dynamic superstar in this league.

Also, Orton is pretty damn good. Realistically there aren't a whole lot better QBs in the league.

Sonic Tooth said...

Moreno did look a little more feisty and leg-kicky yesterday. Good to see...and Orton did look pretty decent.
Buckhalter fumble was pretty hurtful. Mr. Facemask McBean is sort of an A-hole.

Riggins said...

Orton top tier QB? Really?

Riggins said...

As I expressed post-game to YB, I thought the offense looked out of wack all day except when they spread it out and went pre-season style. Poor coaching seems to be a theme in Colordo football this year, outside of the Springs. Go Falcons. War Rockies.