Friday, April 23, 2010

Tim Tebow? Never heard of him...

I know I'm not that "up" on college football, but you'd think that the Broncos would have chosen someone in the first round I've at least heard of. Maybe I might have heard mention of him while I was whizzing past College Gameday some Saturday this past fall wishing NHL was a televised sport?

OK. All kidding aside, I HONESTLY have never heard of the WR from GaTech that the Broncos took a few spots before Tebow. But that's not too surprising.

Josh McDaniels just basically hitched his entire NFL coaching career, one would have to assume on some level, to Tim Tebow. He wheeled and dealed and traded down and then up to get him at a spot that though totally intriguing, most Kiper McShay's would call a reach. Very curious...and a tad bit exciting. Because I have heard of him.
We'll see. Got to give it to the Broncos, they often have a way of making the draft interesting. Anyone got a spare Maurice Clarett #20 jersey?


TroutDog said...

Exactly, I immediately thought of the Clarret draft. For those that want to pile on McD for this gamble, Shanny wasn't immune to taking high risk players in the high rounds either (2nd, I think).

The best thing about the pick was how it just seem to piss off Kiper Jr to no end that Tebow went before that JD Clouser dude that he was so hard over. (I'm probably butchering name spellings, which shows my lack of college football knowledge).

Despite his over the top xtian leanings and preachiness, I want to back the pick. If nothing else, the B'cos have been interesting the last couple of years (while kinda sucking). Can Timmy be the next Steve Young? I would take that....maybe he can spend some time in the USFL honing his skills.

Young Bear said...

Now my "name changing" jersey business would be rampant with broncomaniacs trying to switch out their old BMarsh's for a new Tim Tebow!

Intruiging is the best way to put it.
Could be a legendary pick. Either way. I hear he has pretty good character, though.

Or a Clarett for a BDawkins

Young Bear said...

I almost want them to move tebow to TE/Hback just to see him dumptrucking linebackers by the dozen.

I also hear that he is a pretty stand-up kid.

Sonic Tooth said...

Oh man, didn't even consider the "tape-job" # 15 jersey's that are already in process.

The pick has been generally derided though. I still bring up the entertainment's high.

I hear he's got a good work ethic.

TroutDog said...

Who will take the Sneffler number for the next tape job?

I think smoke is still coming out of Mel Kiper Jr's ears. Such a nice site.

I hear he'll be good in the community.

TroutDog said...

Looks like #1 pick took #88. Start changin those Snefflers to Thomases.

Sonic Tooth said...

Start changin' those Snefflers!!!

Riggins said...

Giving up a 2nd, 3rd, and a 4th rounder to move up was crazy dumb in my humble (Tebow) opinion. I hear he likes God a lot.