Wednesday, July 16, 2008

boom, out of here.

The people in the Nuggets front office are morons. Camby was the only one who could play defense or grab a rebound last season. Rafu-cap room.


TroutDog said...

Adios, Camby. A good dude who will be missed in D-town. His contract must've been the reason the front office decided to ship him to the land of Billy Crystal.

Our Hustle Board stats are really going to suck this year without Camby and Eddie.

Maybe Kronke is saving up for some big Avs signings.

Sonic Tooth said...

Without some additions, or Nene finally living up to his promising talent, the Nugs have put themselves in a position to be even more frustrating to watch next year...

Shit can be fun to watch when you win, but when you are on the blatant losing end of a shoot-out, frustrating may not quite encapsulate the generated emotion.

I usually quit watching.

Young Bear said...

I may have to post all of the reasons why this is actually a positive and progressive move for the franchise. To skip out on his salary which was high and receive a 10 million exemption to make a future trade is something they needed to do and gives them hope.

I appreciate him as a person and a hustle guy, but I am not a Camby fan as someone who professes to know a lot about the sport. I will outlay the series of things that lifer Nuggets' fans should be happy about; there are a few.

Teaser: There is something else coming up the pike

Young Bear said...

Without Camby, Melo is a guaranteed 10 board a night guy. Book that shit.

Nene 08-09 the Breakout

DeathTruck said...

I still don't buy this whole addition by subtraction shit, yb. I understand the need to free up some money, but they'll need to get someone to fill the role of a rebounder. Nene ain't going to be the answer (neither will The Answer for that matter). I know the dude is pretty aggressive under the glass, but it seems like his aggressiveness frequently get him in foul trouble (and hurt).

I predict this team to be under 500 next year if they don't pick up another proven big-man.
I hope I'm wrong though.

Young Bear said...

DT, that was what my teaser was all about.....It has to happen.
the exemption, the cap space, and bench space..... it all adds up.

I won't use that expression, DT, though. That would apply more to a Kenyon move, who is actually a more aggresive player on both sides of the ball.

The team never learned how to play "team" defense.

Young Bear said...

Agreed on your Nene takes. He is NOT a good rebounder for his size. Kleiza and Melo actually can be and have been in their careers. I am not apposed to giving JR and LK a little more responsibility and minutes and see how they fly.

REMEMBER: before the "fight" at the Garden. JR and Melo were the highest scoring tandem in the league that year and they were winning. The season then took a trecherous turn for the worse.

Sonic Tooth said...

young bear, i hope you're right.
i'll certainly defer to your knowledge on such matters.

interesting stat tidbit on the post-fight malaise that the nugs endured.

Chain Lightning said...

10 boards a night from Melo? That would require consistent effort on the defensive end. I'll believe it when I see it.