Thursday, May 1, 2008

Still looking for my McLeod sweater (and a win against the Wings)

Things getting bleak 'round here. Down 3-0 to the hated Red Wings...a chance tonight to salvage some pride (or mount only the 3rd comeback from 3-0 deficit in NHL playoff history).

Not sure though that they can even put a full team on the ice. Out=Stastny, Smyth, Forsberg, Wolski. as well as the holdover injuries from the regular season Svatos, Clark etc... I know no one likes a whiner (except me, Danny.) but it's pretty ridic.

Would like to see a good gutsy performance from the remaining troops. Avoid the sweep.

On a happier note I did catch one of the t-shirts that those Copper Mountain chicks throw into the Pepsi Center stands during TV timeouts late in game 3. You got to take something positive away from these games.


TroutDog said...

The prospect of beating this loaded Wings team with such a depleted corps of players seems like a long shot, but who knows. I'll be bummed if the Avs don't at least put up a good fight. Not expecting a win necessarily, it would restore a little pride to the Can teams that has taken a hearty beating lately.

Steve and I will be in the 350 tonight. I will be the one leading the Red Wings Suck chants.

C'mon Super Avs!!

Sonic Tooth said...

I hope you dorks bring it up in the 350. Was secretly hoping you weren't able to find anyone off your shortlist to attend tonight's game, TD.

Subsequently, Me: "I've got to go to the game, it's my duty!!"

Best of luck to the Avs tonight. Quite a shame that this series isn't 2-1....

Sonic Tooth said...

just a tiny touch of tyler-mania.

Sonic Tooth said...

wow. things got ugly in a hurry. until the 18:00 minute mark of the 1st period, the Avs had looked capable of willing themselves to a win in this series.

good lord, the red wings just look faster and more skilled (might be a cue for Avs management to up the scouting focus in europe, don't you think?)

kudos to nashville for giving the wings a bit of a scare when i bet detroit was on cruise control, and thinking easy sweep in round one.

may not have been good for the avs and any chance they had of winning a game in the current series though. detroit woke up and figured they weren't going to let that happen again. they look freaking dominant.
unless the sharks can configure some miraculous comeback against the team from TX, i will be putting my rooting eggs in one of the eastern team's basket.

steve and td, i pray that you are currently at braun's or brooklyn's or the wazee or someplace other than the pepsi center with 2 minutes left in the 2nd period with the score an emabarrassing 7-1

put in Sauve...

Steve said...

Dear Young Sonic Death Trout,
Twas a very humbling experience. TD and I ended up 4 rows from the glass. There are a lot of Avs fans getting drunk somewhere tonight. We were no exception. We were beat by a very capable and nimble Red Wing club. God bless the Red Wings and the nation of Michigan. That being said... While I admire the Red Wings for being an awesome hockey club... Go Eastern Conference.
Its a little sad that the one thing we have left are the Rockies. Fear not, the eggplant thong is on it's way.

TroutDog said...

We survived. Actually, my boss called me at the end of the 2nd period to hand me her 4th row seats in the lower bowl. Steve and I took in the tail-end of an ass-whooping that will be smarting for quite some time. Your analysis is right on, ST. We were not even in the same league as the Wings. (Goalie issues were not a major factor for the was a constant 2 on 1.) Injuries played a big part in the sweep factor, but ultimately, we had no chance against this team.

I hope I didn't see Joe skate off the ice for the last time in his career. It was great to see the sticks raised at the end row 4 style.

3 Dogs provided a weird end to the evening for steve and I. Jesus and tequila help ease the pain. I guess the spotlight is now on the Rockies. C'mon SUPER ROCKIES!! And the off season for the Avs should be interesting. I don't think we're totally in the hole with this team. Get healthy, get pissed......

Steve said...

I shouldn't forget. We also have the battle of Wisconsin 30 packs coming up later on in May!

TroutDog said...

The sporting world is certainly eyeing that prestigious competition.

Young Bear said...

First TULO, now Cutler is diagnosed with type-1 Diabetes!?!?!?
Holy crap, May Day, indeed!

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